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Purpose Project

purpose project

As a small business, we’ve definitely felt the effects of COVID-19. All things considered, we are doing ok. But many others are badly hurting. Many of the artisans and organizations that we work with around the world have been deeply impacted by COVID-19. (Including some in the U.S.!) Much of their income relies on local sales in markets and stores that have been closed down due to the virus. Others rely heavily on tourism that is now halted. Some of them are literally struggling to make enough money to eat. Our support is more critical than ever before and our hearts are burning to help them.

AT THE WELL exists to empower small artisans and community organizations by helping them access the US e-commerce market. The Purpose Project was created as a special initiative to spotlight specific artisans and causes that need our immediate help. Each product showcased as part of this initiative has a specific timeline and crowdfunding goal attached to it. Our hope is to offer some economic relief during this time of uncertainty.

For more information about the Purpose Project initiative or to connect us with someone who could benefit from this, please email us at

There are some things that we cannot control. But there are some things that we can. We believe that we each hold the power to make a difference.

Thank you for standing with us. (Even if it’s 6 ft apart.)

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