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#MeetAtTheWell: Convivial

[Photo via Convivial]

Meet Convivial. Convivial is a word defined as an atmosphere or event that is friendly, lively, and enjoyable. The company specializes in ceramic design with a focus on home and garden ware. Each piece is handmade by women in Kansas City, Missouri. The process starts with beautiful designs that are dreamed up by Owner and Founder, Chentell Shannon, who started the company as a one-woman show in 2014 out of her garage. These days, Convivial operates out of a 2,500 sqft space. The team consists of 8 women from the Kansas City area who each specialize in part of the design process. Each piece takes 7 days to create. The process consists of clay mixing, casting, carving, cleaning, glazing, and kiln firing.

In addition to empowering female artisans, Convivial puts a strong emphasis on local environmental sustainability. They use 100% recyclable materials when shipping, make every effort to reduce waste during the production process, and repurpose their non-recyclable materials to beautify Kansas City through their Mosaic Program.

CAUSE: Artisan Empowerment, Women's Empowerment, Local Sustainability

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