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Meet The Artisan: Angel

handmade leather journals

Meet Angel. Angel is a Young Life leader in Granada, Nicaragua. He and his team are passionate about empowering others to experience transformation through Young Life camps. Angel is also an artisan. In 2017, an American missionary, Nathan, taught Angel how to make leather journals by hand. Since then, Angel has made countless journals that have held the thoughts and writings of people across the globe. They named the business Timber Journals.

With the bulk of his sales coming from travelers and local markets, Angel has lost his primary source of income due to COVID-19. Nicaragua is the least developed country in Central America and is the second poorest country in the western hemisphere. Over 30% of the population lives on less than $2 USD per day and, in rural areas, 50% of households are considered to live in extreme poverty. Because of the halt of travel, closed markets, and the already low poverty line, many people in this region are suffering greatly.

Here's how you can help during COVID-19: We've teamed up with our friend Mary Korch to launch a special campaign as part of the Purpose Project in hopes to offer some economic relief during this time of uncertainty. Our goal is to sell 100 journals in the next 2 weeks to directly benefit Angel and his family.

AT THE WELL exists to empower small artisans and community organizations by helping them access the US e-commerce market. Our support is more critical than ever before and our hearts are burning to help them.

Join us!

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