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We believe that everyone has a story to tell, that those stories matter, and we plan on telling them. 

Meet The Founder of AT THE WELL

Meet The Founder of AT THE WELL
Meet the founder of AT THE WELL, Jessica Martens. ATW is a female-founded and Latina-owned business that focuses on ethically made fairtrade products.

Nicaragua and the Impact of COVID-19

nicaragua covid 19
We exist to help artisans reach a marketplace that is not easily accessible to many of them around the world. Many artisans are struggling due to COVID 19. Angel has seen a significant impact on his life because of the success of the Purpose Project. He comes from a community that lives on $2 a day..

Meet The Artisan: Angel

handmade leather journals
Angel is an artisan and Young Life leader in Granada, Nicaragua. In 2017, Angel learned how to make leather journals by hand. Since then, Angel has made countless journals that have held the thoughts and writings of people across the globe. They named the business Timber Journals.

Purpose Project

purpose project
AT THE WELL exists to empower small artisans and community organizations by helping them access the US e-commerce market. The Purpose Project was created as a special initiative to spotlight specific artisans and causes that need our immediate help. Each product showcased as part of this initiative has a specific timeline and crowdfunding goal attached to it. Our hope is to offer some economic relief during this time of uncertainty.

Women Helping Women

Women Helping Women
ClaudiaG is a woman-led lifestyle brand that gives back to women and children around the world. Designed in Houston, Texas and made in Colombia.

Meet Our Partner: 72 Smalldive

Meet Our Partner: 72 Smalldive
Meet 72 Smalldive, one of Singapore's award-winning slow fashion labels.The team at 72 Smalldive upholds the belief of Shokunin - a Japanese term that is defined as a commitment to...

Meet Our Partner: Nectar Nectar

nectar nectar
Nectar Nectar proudly adheres to fairtrade practices and works closely alongside their nonprofit partner, Nectar Foundation, to empower their artisans with personal and professional growth -- and to create beautiful unique jewelry! Read more...

#MeetAtTheWell: Vooguish

Founded in 2014 by Ali Shad, Vooguish is known for their unique product styles and high quality backpacks. Ali uses his engineering background to create designs. The company is headquartered in Quebec, Canada where they also manufacture their products. Read More ...

#MeetAtTheWell: Convivial

Meet Convivial. Convivial is a word defined as an atmosphere or event that is friendly, lively, and enjoyable. The company specializes in ceramic design with a focus on home and garden ware. Read more...

Our Why

Our Why
This is our why. What's yours? //


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